CHICAGO-reconstitution” is the story of the birth, in the United States, of a premature child full of worries and the potential that all fragile life holds. The surprise gives way to the tenfold anxiety of her parents due to prematurity and then to strategies for dealing with fate. It is a puzzle in which certain pieces are missing because memory is lacking or because certain elements have disappeared. The writing gives voice to the child, 16 years later, as if she had appropriated the words of his parents to tell this story, her story.

Internationally, Clyde Chabot reads the text herself in English, using some objects, possibly in collaboration with local musicians.



Text, stage direction & acting: Clyde Chabot



When she reopened her eyes in Chicago, the nurses around my mother were wearing headbands with red flashing lights at the end of their antennas, like in a Disney movie. It was Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2002 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I should have been born in April in a hospital in Paris in France. I was born that day at 11:40 am “extremely premature’’ on the other side of the Atlantic at Rush Hospital in Chicago, about 2 pounds at 26 weeks, 4 months early.