A Soldier's Daughter

A Soldier’s Daughter is a tragicomic monologue of a woman whose father was a military man. As if the influence of the military hierarchy, perceptible once even in the family house, had inscribed on her its footprints and shaped her personality. She sounds out the consequences of her filiation in her social and intimate life and its impact in terms of submission or insubordination to the established order. She becomes a warrior leader ready to destroy the other, suddenly considered as a declared enemy. And this enemy, in a Kafkaesque vision, multiplies itself to constitute legions as far as the eye can see. She will therefore have to use a secret weapon.

Internationally, Clyde Chabot reads the text herself in English, using some objects, possibly in collaboration with local musicians.



Text, stage direction & acting: Clyde Chabot


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Even the one closest
to you
He has rallied her.
And she has joined the adversary
She let herself be convinced
Be contaminated by the environment
And then be cornered.
She has concealed the harmful actions
Incited against you…
She has thus validated them.
She has become, in spite of herself, witness
– And thus accomplice –
To the low blows
Deliberately struck against you in front of her.
And She
did not say a word
could not say
Did not know how to say
Did not know how to tell you.